iTouch Controller

With it’s advanced touch screen interface and user friendly icon based navigation, Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Controller gives you complete control of your VRV air conditionining system and other interfaced building equipment from a stylish, easy to use and discreet control interface.

iTouch Manager

Introducing Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager, a VRV system controller with a array of simple, useful system management functions that give you ultimate control over your entire air-conditioning network from an easy to use, programmable touch screen interface.

Individual Control Systems

Designed to give you simple control of your air conditioning system when you don’t need the complexity of an expensive integrated system, Daikin’s individual control systems are unobtrusive and easy to use, putting superior comfort at your fingertips.

BACNet / LonWorks Interfaces

Integrated control systems that help you take advantage of the advanced functionality of an open control system.

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