Frequently Asked Questions

The right air conditioner will make a big difference to both the energy consumption and experience of an environment. With a Daikin Specialist Dealer there to assist at every stage, they will assess all factors impacting on your indoor temperature and influencing your home's heat load.


Every home is different, and the right air conditioner will depend on many factors, such as room orientation, window size and ceiling insulation, just to name a few. It's an important decision to get right, as an air conditioner that's too small won't adequately heat or cool your home, and one that's too large will be inefficient and expensive to run.


As a Daikin Specialist Dealer, Climate Control has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you make the right choice.

Energy efficiency is an important factor when purchasing an air conditioner.


As air conditioning specialists, Daikin invests heavily in research and development to continuously improve the energy efficiency of our products.


Efficient, computer-designed air control surfaces, proprietary inverter technology and 'intelligent eye' sensors are just some of the innovations that make Daikin air conditioners amongst the most energy efficient on the market.


The professional selection and installation of an air conditioning system is the best way to provide energy efficient heating and cooling for your home.

Every home is different, and choosing the right air conditioner will depend on many factors that a Daikin Specialist Dealer assesses during an on-site consultation.


Apart from the difference in features, capacity range and the appropriate location of the installation, in principle heating works better with a floor standing unit.


This is because the air is thrown out closer to floor level, reducing cold spots at your feet.

In the case of our Nexura range, the inclusion of a radiant panel further enhances its heating comfort, providing heating that is similar to a traditional warm radiator.


Ultimately, Climate Control will ensure you make the best decision for the comfort of your home or business.